Do I have to find my own Art Therapy Supervisor if I choose the distance option?

KATI will provide you with a Registered Art Therapy Supervisor. Onsite supervisors are staff within the placement agency whose role is to support students with day-to-day activities or concerns and are not required to be art therapists.

Are students responsible for paying for Supervision hours associated with direct client contact hours, in addition to tuition and program costs?

Supervision is included in your tuition. There are a few scenarios when you might need to pay extra:

  • You were unable to complete the minimum amount of clinical placement hours (either weekly 5-10/ or overall 350) and need more time

  • You are a distance student and wanted to continue doing placements hours over the break (April and May only)

  • You did not complete your thesis during the contract and need to do a special thesis focus group.

In these situations, you would need to contract for extra supervision hours. The fees for additional Supervision are listed under Fees.

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