KATI Graduate and Academic Dean Present on Medicine Wheel and Art Therapy at International Conference

KATI Academic Dean, Monica Carpendale (DVATI, RCAT, BCATR) and Richard Campbell (BFA, DKATI), past chief of the Nlakapa’mux Nation, will be presenting a workshop titled The Medicine Wheel and Art Therapy: Indigenous Research Methodology at the upcoming at the 2019 British Association of Art Therapists International Art Therapy Practice/Research Conference in London, UK on Saturday, July 13th.

This workshop on Indigenous research methodology focuses on the relationship between the medicine wheel and art therapy. Campbell’s research started with developing art therapy activities in relationship to the medicine wheel and has culminated with the creation of a large 36 stone medicine wheel, 100’ in diameter, Boothroyd, BC. 

The workshop will include the traditional teachings of the medicine wheel, the ritual of the talking circle, the symbolic cleansing, and art making. The art therapy activities in this workshop were developed by Richard Campbell during his studies at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. 

The participants will create animals that have personal symbolic significance to represent the self for each quadrant on the wheel of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and elder. The placement of the symbolic representations of self on the four quadrants which also represent physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects provide an opportunity for the individual to reflect on personal feelings of balance and health. 

This process explores the individual’s sense of self in the past, present and hopes for the future. This is a culturally appropriate way to provide a therapeutic support for First Nations people.

Samuel Stevenson