A Chaplain's Hat, An Art Therapist's Hat, Or A Combination?

by David W. Holliday

This thesis examines the experiences of a Salvation Army Officer as he attempted to combine the roles of chaplain and art therapist in an addictions treatment centre. Using a heuristic approach, the thesis seeks to discover whether the two roles are compatible. After describing the need for chaplaincy and the duties that related to the position, the thesis describes how the chaplain’s interest in Art Therapy began, and the reason he trained as an art therapist. Referencing the art work of different clients that the chaplain worked with, the thesis attempts to illustrate how the roles of chaplain and art therapist were complimentary in some situations, but problematic in others. The thesis concludes by examining how the Salvation Army Officer used his training in Art Therapy when The Salvation Army transferred him to Windsor, Ontario.