Creating Health: The Value of an Art Group in a Psychiatric Inpatient Unit

by Katy Vinson

Participating in an Art Group is an opportunity for people receiving psychiatric services to actively create health in their lives. The intention of this paper is to: document a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrate the health created by the Art Group, provide information on the approaches used in the Art Group and to encourage and promote the continuation of the Art Group. Along with this paper, a brochure and PowerPoint presentation have been developed to reflect the materials created for the hospital where the Art Group was held. This paper also represents much of what was verbally presented to the staff of the hospital. The outcome of this Major Project demonstrates that by using the Art as Therapy approach for the Art Group resulted in participants connecting with themselves and with others, experiencing relaxation and pleasure, increased ability to focus and increased self-confidence, skill-building, engaging in activity and self-expression.