Finding Metaphor Within Art Mediums

by Lindsay Dew

This thesis explores metaphors that are inherent in a variety of art mediums used in art therapy and reflects upon their therapeutic value. The researcher uses an arts-based methodology, incorporating phenomenology to engage in a self-exploration of creating art, free writing and finding metaphor in specific art mediums used in art therapy. This thesis also addresses the importance of understanding art history, art mediums and materials and their relationship to art therapy. The findings in this study contribute valuable information on the significance of art mediums and materials which are fundamental tools in the practice of art therapy. As a result the practical application of the research was compiled into a reference guide for art therapists to aid with case management and to encourage ongoing professional development. Art therapists can use this guide to refresh their knowledge on a variety of art mediums and consider the inherent metaphors of the art mediums and their therapeutic value when developing treatment plans for their clients.