Psychodynamic Inquiries into Parallel Processes in Art Therapy: Client and Intern

by Heidi Bragg

Becoming an art therapist is a multifaceted process and it involves an internship that provides the foundation for authentic and practical learning. The practicum placements that interns choose can be a catalyst for the most enriched learning experience that allows art therapists in training to gain insight into the practitioner they would like to become. This thesis begins with a single case study that seeks to understand the following question: What are the parallel processes of personal growth for a young female intern and an older male client in a psychodynamic art therapy process? Hermeneutic phenomenology is used to examine the male client’s and female intern’s lived experience within a retrospective case study. Psychodynamic theory is applied to understand the client and intern’s parallel processes. This paper provides evidence that working therapeutically with one individual can expand an art therapy intern’s knowledge of art therapy theory and practice. This research allows art therapy interns to recognize the value of working with individuals as well as clinical art therapy supervision in deeper ways.