There Are No Mistakes In Art: An Exploration of Co-Creative Art Making With Violet

by Erica Gosselin

In the art world, we are taught to look at things differently, from new perspectives, and to have fresh ideas. Art therapy is a part of that world; you cannot separate art from therapy, art itself is therapeutic and always will be. I am an artist, and I am a therapist; I am an Artist Therapist. In this thesis, I explore my personal journey of discovery; I recognize how to balance both sides of my identity and how to use them to effectively co-create with an eight-year-old girl named Violet. Using a narrative approach to research, I wrote a story in order to recreate the essence, dialogue and creative interactions that occurred throughout the therapy. Our story shows my growth; it shows the impact of a strong therapeutic relationship, and it shows the strength that emerges from being an artist and a therapist.