Doing Time: How Do We Question? Why Do We Question? How Do We Listen?

by Danielle Cuvilier

A Therapeutic Journey Facilitating Art Therapy in a Men’s Federal Prison The paper that you are reading is a compilation of moments; moments of struggle, fear, joy, heartache, and growth. This is a record of time. It is an effort to articulate the time I have spent learning, growing, and being exposed to new and different people over the past two years. In this compilation of material lies evidence of how powerfully art can contribute to healing, understanding, and expansion. This information comes from my experience training as an art therapist, working with art as a healing modality. It is the research I recorded: introducing ten of my clients, sharing my transformed thoughts, and listing my ongoing questions. In these moments, I have recognized my own desire to integrate the inner and outer worlds that I face, and furthermore, I have discerned the universal experience of a human desire to do this.