A Sculptural Journey of Ecological Identity and Art Therapy

by Seamus Gray

I have always felt an urge to work creatively and in so doing, to interact, communicate, entertain and play, to teach and to learn. During the past 10 years of training and practice, I have moved increasingly into the realm of additive sculpture. My current body of work has evolved through a combination of my experimentation with sculptural techniques and my interest in alternative building methods and materials. Among the things influencing my work are the natural environment, organ architecture, green building practices and philosophical anthropology. Digging up the golden heart from within my breast I give what I can and the warmth of my creation – from my imagination, arises like a bird from the nest. My art is the richest gift I have, to the extent that it is imbued with love. If ecology is the relationship between organisms and also their relationship with the environment they live in, then ecological art reflects, expresses and honours our connection with the world and all of that which is in our experience.