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Seven Messages of Aggressive Imagery: Receiving the Communications of Latency Age Children

by Steve Heynen

This study investigates aggressive imagery in the art and play of latency-age children (7-11 years), seeking to clarify the possible meanings and messages communicated by that imagery. The specific question addressed is: what may be communicated by aggression in the imagery of latency-age children?

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Sunsets, Rainbows and Dust Storms: Art Therapy, Relationships with God and Nature Metaphor

by Felicitas Drobig, OSU

This thesis explores the relationship between creation, Creator and the creative act. It traces models of Christian relationship to the land and highlights Hildegard of Bingen's concept of "veriditas" or greening power. It presents the art of ten women who were asked to depict their relationship with God through using nature and/or weather metaphor.

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