Recycling the World Through Art Therapy: Implementation of Ecological Ideas in Art Therapy with Children

by Tzipora Weinberg

This research project focuses on the development of an ecological identity in children (ages 7 - 10), and the value of ecological intention in art therapy treatment. It emphasizes the resources by which the awareness of these children and their relatedness to the world can be increased. Furthermore, this project investigates the understanding that these children will have of their place in the world through making art with recycled material. The hypothesis addressed in this study claims that the metaphor of creating with recycled material can be of value in increasing the self-concept of the child. The study is based on the literature of development theory, eco-psychology and art therapy. Its methodology is based on the hermeneutic phenomenological research approach, and it incorporates vignettes and analysis of case material. The findings of this research will be of interest to art therapists and eco-psychologists.