Little Tables, Little Chairs: How Parent Child Dyad Art Therapy In a Community Setting Functions as Early Intervention

by Nicole Marie Tarasiuk

Can Parent Child Dyad Art Therapy in a community setting function as Early Intervention? This thesis looks at the complex question, presenting noteworthy findings. The researcher has analyzed the data through a phenomenological framework, using rich textural descriptions and poetic reduction. Although data was collected for the entire group, the researcher focused on one dyad in particular. Their personal process demonstrates the benefits of Parent Child Dyad Art Therapy work, showing significant improvements in their relationship. This dyad’s experience was rich with insight, showcasing increased attunement, deepened sense of well being, and strengthened attachment relationship. Overall, the data shows self reporting in four dimensions of parenting, with positive improvements across the board, indicating that Parent Child Dyad Art Therapy fulfills Early Intervention goals.