Parents Guide to Art Therapy with Children

by Roger Luscombe

This document is in the form of a handbook and the following are excerpts from the Introduction and Summary:

Art therapy works with children! When a child enters Art Therapy, I find myself challenged to describe the process and its value to parents. In writing this guide, it is my hope that parents and caregivers will now have available to them, in an easily accessible manner, some of the basic theory and processes of Art Therapy with children.

The saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' holds true in the Art Therapy process. I have included many pictures in the artwork and creative play of children and parents that I have worked with over the past several years. I have done so both to honor their creativity and to illustrate Art Therapy principles.

Art therapy can provide a child with the opportunity to heal and grow. In the safety of the Art Therapy room, and with the unconditional support of the therapist, children can utilize their own creative potential to learn, to resolve difficulties and to move on in their lives as balanced individuals.

I hope that this guide helps parents have a better understanding of Art Therapy with children. If you choose Art Therapy for your child, I hope I have been able to give you some sense of what he or she may be experiencing and how the creative process can work to create health.