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Children's Self-Esteem: The Benefits of Art Therapy in Elementary Schools

by Irene Crick

A review of available literature has uncovered few direct correlations between art therapy and increased self-esteem in children. This paper demonstrates that two children who came to the attention of special education teachers with a variety of diagnoses and/or issues exhibited a significant rise in self-esteem indicators after a minimum of twenty sessions of art therapy.

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Parents Guide to Art Therapy with Children

by Roger Luscombe

Art therapy can provide a child with the opportunity to heal and grow. In the safety of the Art Therapy room, and with the unconditional support of the therapist, children can utilize their own creative potential to learn, to resolve difficulties and to move on in their lives as balanced individuals. In writing this handbook, it is my hope that parents and caregivers will have available to them some of the basic theory and processes of Art Therapy with children.


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