by Nicole Featherstone

Shapeshifter is a book about healing transformation, told in a personal narrative. It is about the journey of one woman’s process, my process; in, through, around, and back out of the realms of art, spirituality, therapy, feminist psychology, and myth. It is the tale of a woman; a regular, every day woman, carrying an eternal Spirit, moving through deep, personal and painful landscapes toward healing and growth, on all levels of my being – emotional, mental, physical and, perhaps most importantly, spiritual. It is a story, a narrative, a snapshot of such profound work and felt experience, I felt it had to be shared. It combines art therapy with the spiritual ritual, the physical with the abstract, marrying the two into union and growth; into Shapeshifting.

May the story of my healing transformation bring you insight and inspiration while you walk your own journey. Blessings be upon you.

Cautionary Note: This book contains sensitive material, including descriptions of sexual and psychological trauma, which may evoke strong responses from some readers. Readers’ discretion is advised.