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Silver Hands: Art Therapy Activities with Survivors of Domestic Violence

by Heidi Pedersen

This thesis examines the value of a drop in art therapy group for residents at an emergency shelter. Specifically, this thesis examines the role of intentional strength building art therapy directives with recent trauma survivors. 

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Deep Roots and New Beginnings: Exploring the Reconstruction of Identity through Photographic Life Narratives with Immigrant Women

by Sylvia Calatayud Catano

The intention of this thesis is to examine the lived experience of immigrant women on their path towards a new cultural identity in the context of using art therapy, participatory photography and personal narratives.

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Pieces Found and Placed: A Mindfulness Approach to Art Therapy With a Group For Female Survivors of Childhood Trauma

by Cindy Fawcett

This research study highlights the intersection of mindfulness and art psychotherapy and its influence on trauma recovery work with a group for female survivors of childhood trauma in later stages of recovery. 

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Sunsets, Rainbows and Dust Storms: Art Therapy, Relationships with God and Nature Metaphor

by Felicitas Drobig, OSU

This thesis explores the relationship between creation, Creator and the creative act. It traces models of Christian relationship to the land and highlights Hildegard of Bingen's concept of "veriditas" or greening power. It presents the art of ten women who were asked to depict their relationship with God through using nature and/or weather metaphor.

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Light in the Darkness: Using Art Therapy to explore the Meaning of God in Difficult Times

by Patricia Flynn

This thesis uses a humanistic and phenomenological approach to study a group of seven men and women between the ages of 35 and 70 who took part in empirical and qualitative research. This research examined the essence of how one perceives God and the meaning of “God” in one’s life, especially in times of suffering and confusion.

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