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Light in the Darkness: Using Art Therapy to explore the Meaning of God in Difficult Times

by Patricia Flynn

This thesis uses a humanistic and phenomenological approach to study a group of seven men and women between the ages of 35 and 70 who took part in empirical and qualitative research. This research examined the essence of how one perceives God and the meaning of “God” in one’s life, especially in times of suffering and confusion.

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Creating Community One Brushstroke at a Time: Studio Based Art Therapy

by Cori Devlin

This thesis represents a broad stroke across the history of cross cultural arts and healing rituals, the history of the art of the mentally ill and the psychological theories that informed the development of art therapy as a profession. The question explored in this thesis is: "How can art therapy history and theory be intentionally integrated to develop a studio based art therapy model that would enhance the therapeutic benefits of art making for people experiencing mental illness?"

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