Posts in 2008
Seven Messages of Aggressive Imagery: Receiving the Communications of Latency Age Children

by Steve Heynen

This study investigates aggressive imagery in the art and play of latency-age children (7-11 years), seeking to clarify the possible meanings and messages communicated by that imagery. The specific question addressed is: what may be communicated by aggression in the imagery of latency-age children?

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Presenting the Self: An Inquiry into the Function of Photographic Self-Portraits with Men in Addictions Groups

by Jeremy Addington

A qualitative study of a group of men with addictions in an intensive, psycho-educational, outpatient program using art therapy interventions and phototherapy exercises to increase self-awareness and self-understanding.

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The Exceptional Artist: The Use of the Third Hand with Clay Work in Art Therapy

by Brandon Murdoch

My topic explores the possibilities and experiences clay work offers to the exceptional child. I investigate the relationship of learned helplessness to the use of the third hand in the art making process.

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