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The Tao of Art Therapy: Bodily Movement as a Bridge Between the Conscious and Unconscious

by Linda C. Mahoney

In this paper, the role of movement and the kinaesthetic sense as a form of perception, in combination with the concept of balance and rhythm (Cane, 1983), is explored through a qualitative analysis of the phenomena of vigorous gross motor movement of the arm in the spontaneous creation of images with art media.

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The Face of Resistance: A Psychoanalytic and Phenomenological Self-Exploration via Scribble Technique

by Avril Symington

The present self-study documents my personal experience of the effectiveness of the scribble technique, introduced in Florence Cane's book The Artist in Each of Us, in identifying and overcoming my "therapeutic resistance" in art therapy. The issue of resistance, my perception of it, and my struggle to get beyond it, are documented in my scribble images and the written descriptions which accompany them.

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