Posts in 2004
Who's It? Scribble Tag with Children Who Have Witnessed Abuse

by Catherine Swanston

This study examines the usefulness of including the game of Scribble Tag in the initial assessment process with children who have witnessed and experienced abuse.

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The Tao of Art Therapy: Bodily Movement as a Bridge Between the Conscious and Unconscious

by Linda C. Mahoney

In this paper, the role of movement and the kinaesthetic sense as a form of perception, in combination with the concept of balance and rhythm (Cane, 1983), is explored through a qualitative analysis of the phenomena of vigorous gross motor movement of the arm in the spontaneous creation of images with art media.

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Finding Meaning in the Pain: The Use of Art Therapy with People in Chronic Pain

by Heather Cameron

This thesis gives an overview of the use of art therapy with people in chronic pain. It begins with a discussion of the unknowability of another's pain and the lack of language to communicate the experience of pain. It goes on to suggest that making art can provide an effective vehicle for the expression of pain.

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